We are a market research and data analysis company located in PEI, and provide professional services for local and global customers!

Market Research & Data Analysis

1, We focus on community data collection, analysis and data compilation in the form of partial or full reports;
2, We provide business such as real estate, immigration and various educational agencies or international schools across China with the latest information, reports, trends, statistics and sociographic available;
3, We provide market research and data analysis on a subscription basis for Chinese immigrants looking to do business in or move to Canada.

Mobile Application Development

Our team has rich experiences in programming, can develop software systems based on customer’s requirement, including requirement analysis, high level design, detail design, coding, testing, system maintenance, etc. The programmer languages include Java, C#, Python. The software platform can be Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, etc。

Website Design

We build professional websites for customers including static website, e-commerce website, etc.

Graphic Design

We provide professional design services for customers, including LOGO, banner, magazine, etc.