SmartPEI in DeverseCity Muitlculture Festival

The 2018 DeverseCity Multiculture Festival was held on June 24 in Charlottetown. As one of the exhibitors, we showed our SmartPEI APP to the public, and achieved great attentions.

To thank users, we had a promotion on site, and will send gifts to those who download and register the SmartPEI App before end of June.

Scan the QR Code below to download the SmartPEI App:


Open Data in Canada

Big data technology is critical for modern economic development, there are huge data collections available worldwide for you to explore and analysis.

Looking for data about Government of Canada services, financials, national demographic information or high resolution maps? You can find a lot here.

Livable neighborhood report published

The Lawrence Park South neighborhood is located in the north-central part of Toronto. Lawrence Ave. W, borders the neighborhood to the north, Eglinton Ave W, borders it to the south, with Yonge St. and Avenue Rd. running north-south right through the neighborhood.

The neighborhood had a population of 15,070 in 2011. This represents an increase of approximately 2% in the five most recent census years and about 5% in the last 15 years. Even though the neighborhood has experienced a steady population increase, the growth is still slower than the average Toronto CMA growth rate.

To see the detailed report, please contact us